OM RISING YEAR ONE: Nature, Music, Yoga, Stellar Folks, Good Ol’ Fun and Meaning In the Redwoods by Christy Brown

I came to Om Rising to gather with new and old friends amongst the ancient souls of the redwoods and to teach “Electro Flow Beats” and “Yin Yoga Downtempo Chillout.” Om Rising founder, Tim Dale, paired all the yoga classes with incredibly talented musicians and DJs. For my “Electro Flow Beats,” he matched me with DJ Avani (Tyler Blank). It was a tall order for any DJ to offer up the eclectic mix described in my “Electro Flow Beats” write-up:

An eclectic mix of hip-hop, jazz-hop, deep bass, strings, horns, electronica and groovy beats accompanies this meditative, breath and alignment based Vinyasa practice designed to build muscle, heat, vitality, core strength and collective vibration. The practice pays homage to all music traditions and is a collective offering-prayer for peace and higher consciousness on this One Earth whose space and resources we all share.

But wow, I was amazed, DJ Avani got it all in there! The hip hop, the jazz hop, the deep bass, the strings, the horns, the groovy beats! And it was rocking and so perfect! I was amazed and very impressed by his talent and attention to detail. I had asked him also to please start mellow, gradually build the energy, then gradually take it way, way down to some kind of Indian drone or Tibetan bells for Savasana and closing meditation. He did just that. Masterfully. It was a beautiful practice, thanks in large part to his incredible DJ’ing. It was deeply rewarding to collaborate with Tyler and to offer together something so fun, creative and meaningful to benefit health and wellbeing of those present. Same re. musician Amber Field with whom Tim paired me for my “Yin Yoga Downtempo Chillout!” Amber set up in the front of the room with what seemed like at least ten different instruments. She played each instrument beautifully and at the perfect time according to the flow and energy of each portion of the practice that I was leading. The transitions were seamless and she played with much humility despite her obvious extensive musical training. During part of the practice she played didjeridoo over each person for vibrational sound healing. And there were over 50 people in the room! I (and evidently the others in the room) were astounded that she could continue the circular breathing for so long and seemingly effortlessly. It was a deep practice. When I concluded, the room spontaneously erupted into applause—a rare instance in the world of yoga given the tradition of silence following a practice. It was quite special. I attribute it largely to Amber, of course, but also to Tim Dale, for his vision and ability to bring together brilliant creative talent.

I found all the artists, musicians and teachers offering classes and workshops at Om Rising were of this caliber. I was totally impressed. I was also totally impressed with the people who came to attend Om Rising! Good people. Wonderful people. I found everyone to be down-to-earth, fun, interesting, talented, in love with nature, and with a shared dedication to co-creating a better and more enlightened world. To boot, the Om Rising venue, Camp Navarro, was formerly a boysout camp. It was purchased by an individual who’s made it his life calling to bring investors together to purchase boyscout camps in especially beautiful locations that are no longer being used as camps and would otherwise likely be developed. Hi passion is to preserve the natural, pristine beauty and make the experience available for others to continue to enjoy and benefit from.

This is a small festival. Attendance is limited so there’s a spacious quality that allows all present to really experience the beauty and healing power of being held by the redwoods, the forest, the sky, and one another. Tim Dale did it with the Yoga Tree studios he owned and sold four years ago. And he’s done it again with Om Rising. He has that golden touch for bringing together wonderful people and creative talent for meaningful experiences that benefit people and the planet. As he began this post-Yoga Tree chapter of his life, he had a dream and vision of creating a meaningful gathering where like-minded folks could come together and drop into these things he loves: nature, music, yoga and other healing modalities. He’s done it. Masterfully. I can’t wait to be there again in August of this year to teach my same two classes with other equally talented musicians! I highly recommend Om Rising to anyone interested in having an exceptionally fun time in an exceptionally beautiful place with exceptional people.

Hope to see you there!

Christy Brown