“Those who experience the full power of the syllable ‘OṂ’ realize, this this very moment, the resonance that connects all beings. It is the sound births life force (prana) in the body. The yogin unites his/her awareness with that primal resonance at the place where the soul enters and leaves the body (skull door). A yogin is [defined as] One who draws this subtle, silent sound down into the body, by way of the enlivening in-breath. Embraced in the heart, the echo of this resonance is articulated through the skull doorway, from whence it came, as the endless, omnipotent sound of pure vowel resonance.

This is called the ‘Arising of OṂ’ (oṃ ucchāra). The experience of Yoga is the uniting of pure Awareness with this – the Sound of God (deva). They who experience the glory of that sound are Reborn, in this very breath, as Life-Warriors (Vira-jās).”

- Aghorashiva, Tantrik Master, 12th century (translated by Chris Tompkins, 06/7/2019)

Christopher Tompkins is a scholar of Sanskrit and Yoga specializing in the roots and evolution of Hatha Yoga from the Tantric traditions. He holds advanced degrees in Sanskrit and Religious Studies from Harvard and UC Berkeley, where he currently teaches.

His teachings, presented to thousands of students worldwide in Yoga-based events, conferences, and teacher trainings, are based on hundreds of unpublished Sanskrit texts and manuscripts personally collected from Kashmir. Chris frequently collaborates with Shiva Rea, with whom he has recently taught a number of ground-breaking online seminars, including courses on the forgotten roots and practices applied to the Chakra System, and the Tantric Origins of Surya Namaskara and modern movement-based Yoga.

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